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Cookie Monster’s “Share It Maybe”

OK, so it’s not Fantastically Funny Friday just yet (can you tell I’m ready for the weekend?!), but I couldn’t resist sharing this video.  I hope it puts a huge smile on your face, too. Seriously, how cute is Cookie Monster?!

Now if only I had some cookies in this house….

Happy Hump Day!

-Heather & Jasmine

Fantastically Funny Friday (6/22/2012) – Milk in My Sippy Cup

Happy Friday!! I know it’s been a long time since we’ve posted, and I promise you we’ll be back. We’re making the most of the summer with our little ones and hope that you are too.

We just had to drop in today, though, and share with you this adorable music video. Little stud Max’s playtime with his favorite music toys just got remixed into a catchy little single I guarantee will be playing through your head the rest of the day.

“Milk in my sippy cup / Rollin’ in my firetruck / If my cup runs out of milk, my mommy gonna fill it up.”

Love it!

Have a fantastic weekend!

- Jasmine & Heather

My Summer Bucket List

My recent hiatus from blogging has given me some time to think as I’ve refocused my attention on my family, myself, and others. I think it all started about 3 months ago with a badly-sprained ankle.

It was pure clumsiness on my part. I came home that evening from work unable to walk and in desperation as I wondered what I would do with my husband leaving town the next morning for a week-long business trip.

It was incredibly humbling. It was one of the first times I reached out to friends and neighbors and asked for help. As I was crawling across my kitchen floor on my hands and knees just to get to the bathroom, I knew I couldn’t do it on my own.

It started with a request for crutches on our neighborhood freecycle group on Facebook. And by evening’s end, I had crutches, an ankle boot, and meals volunteered from friends and neighbors, some of whom I’d never met before. Other close friends came to my home in the morning to help me dress my kids and drive them to and from daycare and shuttle me to dr’s appointments.

I couldn’t believe that people were so willing to help, especially when I felt like for so long I’ve been immersed in my own little world doing little for others because I just didn’t know how I could find any more time in the day.

So now I’m making the time – for more quality time with my family, to take care of myself, and to do more for others. Rather than rush to my computer at the first opportunity, I’m spending more time with my girls reading Dr Seuss and singing lullabies at bedtime, going on dates with my dear husband, taking meals to sick friends, washing my face and getting to sleep at night.

I apologize that this means less time for PureBebe, but I hope that you understand. I don’t want to look back on these years with guilt knowing I could have been more present.

And so I’ve vowed that this summer, I am going to continue re-focusing my attention and re-balancing my life. And I think what better way to do so than with a summer bucket list. I’ve seen these floating around Pinterest and blogs I follow lately, and I’ve been inspired.

My bucket list is not a to do list, though, but an idea list. I won’t expect to do all of these, but these are among the things I could and would love to do with my family. I will definitely make time for some of them.

In fact, just last week, I took a day off of work and took my girls to our local farm for U-pick strawberries. We had the most wonderful time. We spent the morning picking and eating strawberries and the afternoon feeding baby animals, climbing on playgrounds, and drinking slushies in the sun. We were sad to see the day come to an end, but I hope to take them back again soon. So this tops our bucket list.

  1. Visit our local farm and pick fruits and vegetables – Check!
  2. Make homemade ice cream – Check! Stay tuned for my recipe.
  3. Frequent the farmer’s market.
  4. Try my hand at canning & preserving.
  5. Buy a popsicle mold, and make our own popsicles.
  6. Camp out in the backyard. Roast smores over the campfire.
  7. Hand-written thank you notes to all those who have helped me with my injury.
  8. Go for a picnic.
  9. Play in the rain or run through the sprinklers.
  10. Host a playdate for my girls and their best friends.
  11. Host a BBQ for family friends.
  12. Take a few lessons from my hubby, and learn to use our smoker.
  13. Visit the Washington DC National Zoo.
  14. See the space shuttle Discovery at the National Air & Space Museum – we saw it fly right over our house and were in awe!
  15. Fly a kite at the Washington Monument.
  16. Ride in the paddle boats at the Tidal Basin.
  17. Decorate our driveway with sidewalk chalk.
  18. Catch fireflies late at night – a fond memory I have from my own childhood.
  19. Plan and do random acts of kindness for others.
  20. Spend a whole day in our pajamas.
What’s on your bucket list? I’m taking my list to Pinterest to add to my ideas there. If you have a bucket list you’d like to share, leave a comment below!






Missing in Action

Hello, friends! I’m sorry to have been entirely absent this last month. My full-time job went into overdrive, and unfortunately something had to give. It was really important to me that my family get what was left of my free time, so PureBebe had to take the back seat. My apologies to all of you.

Life is still a bit hectic, and as I’ve been thinking about how I can better use my time to keep up with PureBebe, I’ve decided to change it up with our weekly highlights post. Don’t worry, we will still keep you in the know – Just hop on over to our Facebook page and follow us there.

On our timeline, Heather and I will share the latest health and safety news, research, and recalls as well as other fantastic reads and pinterest-worthy finds too. And we encourage you to do the same. We want to know what you’re reading and what interests you. Ask us your questions and share with us your knowledge.

If you miss our recall notices on Facebook, you can also find them now in our right sidebar. We’ve added continuous feeds which will always be up to date with the latest recalls of children’s products and toys, car seats, and foods.

And now my time spent on weekly highlights will be dedicated to research and writing on other child health and safety topics as well as great family recipes. I’ve got some fantastic ones coming up!

I hope you all have a fantastic week!

- Jasmine

Happy Mother’s Day from Purebebe!

We hope that you are enjoying the beautiful day and soaking in every ounce of Mother’s Day Love!

Here’s a photo of me with two of the most amazing moms that I know, my Mom and Grandmother. My mother for her selflessness, passion, energy, strength and endless love; and my Grandmother for her loving and nurturing nature, patience, determination, and she has always told the best stories at bedtime. :)

Many wishes to you for a happy Mother’s Day!!!

-Heather and Jasmine

Study finds “Natural” Kashi Cereals Have “High Levels” of GMOs

My dear friend recently emailed an article to me that made my hair stand up on end. The “health food” cereal brand, Kashi, that many people have grown to love, including myself, has been getting some attention recently. The Cornucopia Institute recently found that Kashi, amongst other “healthy, all natural” breakfast cereals, contains high levels of GMOs (genetically modified organisms). And high levels of GMOs means pesticides.

I find this discovery very troubling for a number of reasons. According to Kashi’s website, they are “passionate about good, all-natural foods.” Um, you can’t be very passionate about your product if you don’t notice that the ingredients used to MAKE your products contain pesticides. And secondly, they tout that they are members of the “Non-GMO project.” How can that be if your products contain GMOs?

Here we are again, with another case of deceptive marketing tactics to dupe us consumers.

Shame on you, Kashi.

Here is the article if you’d like to read the findings.

And just so you know, we’re not the only ones peeved with this situation. If you look here on the company’s website, you can scroll through hundreds of other angry comments from former consumers of Kashi (look at the bottom of the page).

Here’s an excerpt from the article,
“The Cornucopia Institute’s “Cereal Scorecard” ( reveals some truly astonishing facts about what’s in our breakfast cereal:

• Kashi brand cereals (Kellogg’s) contains “high levels” of GMOs. Not just a trace of GMOs, in other words, but a high level meaning the key ingredients are genetically engineered from the get-go. In fact, NaturalNews has learned that test results reveal 100% of the soy used in tested boxes of Kashi cereal was genetically engineered soy.”

-What are your thoughts?

Fantastically Funny Friday (4/13/2012) – Push to Add Drama

Ok, so this video has nothing to do with children this week, but I couldn’t resist sharing this video. This will be, by far, the best thing you see all day.

As part of an ad campaign to launch TNT in Belgium, the producers of this hilariously clever ad placed a large red button in the middle of a town square in a small Flemish town “where nothing really happens”. A sign placed above it invited passersby to “push to add drama”.

Watch and see what happens.

TNT. Yes - you know drama.

Happy Friday!

- Jasmine and Heather


Creating a Neighborhood “Freecycle”

Last Christmas season, a few residents in my neighborhood decided to create a ‘freecycle’ Facebook page, in an effort to have a more “green” holiday. Basically the idea was to take toys your kids don’t use anymore and swap them for toys that your kids want/need.

One of the biggest benefits about a neighborhood site over craigslist and other freecycle sites is that the geography is limited so you know that the goods are just around the corner, which is super convenient. People leave the goods in plastic grocery bags, and you leave the money for the seller in a pre-determined spot (or hand it over at the door).

Well, pretty soon toys turned into clothing, household goods, and basically everything under the sun was getting listed on our ‘freecycle’ site. After the holidays, we decided to keep the site going, and ended up creating additional sales sites for various items to be sold.

You, too, can start a similar site for your neighborhood. Here is what you need to know to get started:

1. You’ll need to have a Facebook account. I’m pretty sure everyone has one these days, so this shouldn’t be a barrier.

2. Create a Facebook “Group” for your neighborhood and invite your neighbors and/or friends.

3. Don’t forget to set your Group’s security settings. We have ours set so that residents have to be invited by other residents, and other friends can’t see what you post / comment.

4. Take a photo of whatever you’d like to sell or give away, and post a brief description of the item.

And here are a few lessons we’ve learned along the way:

1. Decide how you want to limit the geography. At some point, you want to draw the line so you don’t lose the convenience of picking up items from a neighbor.

2. Relating to point #3 above about security settings, groups should be set to “secret”. The benefit is that your friends won’t see your posts or comments in their feeds. One woman in our community learned this the hard way. When the group was open, she posted a Christmas gift from her MIL who then saw her post. Also, a “secret” group can’t be found on Facebook. You have to be invited by a member of the group.

3. Don’t leave home addresses for the drop-off/pick up under the photo Comments for everyone to see. Instead, send a personal message to each other. At one point, items left on porches began to disappear. No one is sure whether it was because a member of the group was watching posts for addresses or if it was just a random thief spotting goods on porches, or whether donation-related services mistakenly picked up the bags on people’s porches. Either way, it’s always better to be anonymous with your home address.

Below are a couple of photos of things that were free or that I’ve bought for my kids (from the site):

These were free:

Ladybug Slippers

I bought this used bike for $15:

Used Bike

Fantastically Funny Friday (4/6/2012) – Toddler Falls Asleep on Skis

This poor little guy is just too cute for words. After a day on the slopes, an exhausted little Bode falls asleep - standing up in his skis! Awww….someone get the little man a pillow.

And if you’re curious to see this pint-size skier in action, check him out below.

We hope you have a happy Friday, and a fantastic Easter weekend!

- Jasmine & Heather

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