Liberating the Runner Within…

A few months ago I took my 2-year old daughter shopping for a new pair of “everyday shoes.” Except, on this occasion, I took her to a Nike store instead of Stride Rite. I had the Sales Associate measure her feet for the proper fit – she wore a whopping 10.5 (most kids her age wear a 7)! They had one pair of running shoes in her size. When I put them on her feet in the store, it was as if I had waved a magic wand over her feet. She immediately started running circles around me.

I managed to wriggle them off of her feet in order to get through the check out line, but she held onto the shoes the entire trip home.

And from that point thereafter we had no issues getting those shoes on her feet every morning before school. Despite the fact that they got dirty very quickly, she runs like the wind whenever she wears these running shoes.

And I have been running a marathon to keep up with her ever since…

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