Happy SITS Day!

Phew, not only is today Earth Day, PureBebe’s 1 year Anniversary and Fantastically Funny Friday, it is our SITS Day!

Welcome to PureBebe, SITStas!

For our readers who might not be familiar with SITS (“The Secret is in the Sauce”), it is a blogging community comprised of 8,000+ members, led by Tiffany, Francesca, and Kathy B.

In honor of Earth day, our post yesterday covered 6 ways in which you can celebrate Earth Day every day. So please feel free to check it out when you have a moment.

Every Friday here at PureBebe, we publish a Fantastically Funny Friday article, as a prelude to the weekend ahead. We love to highlight hilarious quotes from our little ones, as well as videos and/or photos that we come across. We decided to stick with tradition today and share some of our newly submitted and all-time favorite quotes, straight from the mouths of our youngsters:

Madeleine (Maddy), 2 1/2
[Looking at wedding picture of mommy & daddy]
MADDY: Look, there’s mommy and there’s daddy! Where’s Maddy?
MOMMY [pointing to tummy]: Maddy’s in mommy’s tummy.
MADDY: [staring with wide eyes] Mommy ate Maddy?

Kyla, 2 1/2
[Sitting on Daddy's lap]
DADDY: Whoaaaa! What was that? Are you going poop in your underwear – on daddy’s lap?
KYLA: No, just tootin. And going pee pee a little bit.

Kate, 3
KATE: I have a big bum.
MOMMY: No you don’t, you have a cute little bum.
KATE: Mom, YOU have a really big bum.

Tyler, 3
“The other day I was struggling to get my son to brush his teeth before bed. He wanted to play with his car rather than listen to mommy.”
MOMMY: I am losing my patience
TYLER: No, don’t lose it mommy.

Casey, 3
[To his daddy] CASEY: You shouldn’t put hair in your armpits. That’s not good.

Tyler, 3 (Yes, we have quotes from two different Tylers!)
“I asked Tyler (3 yrs old) if he wanted to wear his fleece to school. He then belted out a great version of ‘Feliz [pronounced "fleece"] Navidad,’ proud of himself. His fleece will forever be known as his Feliz Navidad!”

Next, we have a video of two scrumptiously cute little girls, Sophia and Zephra, who eloquently answered the question “What makes the world a better place?” I don’t know about you, but a popcorn tree in my house would certainly make my world a much, much better place. :)

Many wishes for a happy and “pure” Friday!

-Heather and Jasmine

What funny thoughts have your kids shared?

If you have any quotes that you’d like to share with PureBebe’s readers, please email us your child’s first name, age, and tantalizing words of wisdom, at PureBebeBlog@gmail.com.

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