Fantastically Funny Friday (5/20/2011) – Breast Milk Baby on Today

Friday at last! Happy Friday, everyone!

We have searched far and wide for funny videos to share with you, and this week’s video comes to us from the Today Show. Now, if I catch much of the Today Show, it’s usually a Kathie Lee and Hoda clip that shows up on The Soup on E! Kathie Lee and Hoda are usually good for a laugh, and this time is no exception. Of course, today Andy Samberg from SNL joins Kathie Lee as they give the Breast Milk Baby some love.


If only it were so easy to quiet a baby’s cries. :)

This doll has generated a lot of attention since it was released in the U.S. market this year as many cringe at the idea of children feeding a baby doll at their breast. Personally, I think we have things a little backwards here in the U.S. So much attention is placed on the sexuality of a woman’s breasts that people find themselves embarrassed or offended by the sight of the normal and natural process of feeding a baby.

Would I buy this doll for my child? For $120? Not for that price tag, but only because my daughter has access to plenty of dolls and doesn’t need the vest to show her how it’s done. In fact, my husband and I both got a chuckle one day as one of her daycare teachers explained how she had lifted up her shirt to feed her baby doll during playtime.

So tell us, what do you think of Bébé Gloton?


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4 Responses to “Fantastically Funny Friday (5/20/2011) – Breast Milk Baby on Today”

  • I see your point about sexualization of breasts. And I’m a big proponent of BF having BF all three of my boys for 12 months each. Yet there’s something a big odd about the doll and I’m not sure why I feel that way. Maybe because I still believe that BF is a somewhat private affair between mother and child? Don’t know. Gotta give it more thought. But thanks for sharing the video. I love K & H!
    Christina Tinglof recently posted..Have Your Twins Ever Spent a Night Apart

    • You’re welcome! Thanks, Christina, for your comment. Yes, there’s definitely a very personal aspect of breastfeeding in the bonding that I can completely understand your feeling about it.

  • My older daughter, now 4, has been “breastfeeding” her dolls for almost 3 years. She has even assembled my breastpump and pretended to pump because, “Michelle (her favorite doll) needs milk for while we’re shopping”. I love that she’s being exposed to breastfeeding through several aunts, too. Although she’s 4, she understands that her body will someday function to have babies and nourish them.

    • Oh, what a doll she is. Too cute! My oldest will probably never forgive me for it, but I snapped a picture of her one day when she pulled up a chair at the table and tried my breastpump on for size.

      Being the oldest of seven children, I was definitely exposed to breastfeeding growing up since my mother breastfed each of the seven. And I directly attribute my dedication to breastfeeding to my mother’s. I’m sure your little girl will be influenced by your dedication as well.

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