How Did You Announce Your Pregnancy?

This past year, Christmas morning started with an incredible announcement in my family. Before the presents were opened, my brother and his wife passed out Christmas cards to all of our family. I think most of us had a feeling there was something more inside than just Christmas wishes this year, so we all opened ours at once to a fantastic announcement:

He and his wife were expecting their first child! And how sweet is that picture! Aren’t those the cutest little moccasins?!? I can’t wait for those little feet to enter this world.

And to add to the excitement, my brother’s announcement was followed by an announcement from my other brother and sister-in-law that they were expecting their second! AND…both babies are due within a single day of each other! Lots of hugs and congratulations ensued. It was so exciting to have all of our family together for that moment. It’s not often that all 7 of us children make it into one room with our families.

In fact, when my husband and I announced both of my pregnancies, we were 2000 miles away. By the time we were expecting our second child, nearly all of our family had discovered Facebook though so we thought we’d let our first child make the announcement there. My husband edited our privacy settings for a period of time allowing only close family to see our postings, and then we put up our announcement: 

We called our parents first, because of course we wanted them to be the first to know, and directed them to our latest addition to Facebook. It was tradition for us to call whenever we uploaded a new set of pictures of our little one for them to see, and so their first reaction was “Oh, how cute she’s starting to read”.  It took a moment for them to look a little closer and see our message, but then there was plenty of excitement. Once the word was out amongst family, we opened up our privacy settings to our friends and shared the big news.

How did you announce your pregnancy? We’d love to hear your story!


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8 Responses to “How Did You Announce Your Pregnancy?”

  • The picture with the moccasins almost made me cry. So sweet!

    We announced our first in person to immediate family and then recapped here:

    We announced our second with this blog post (after calling immediate family):

    • Awww…I love the picture of your MIL in the moment. And I love that you called your little one “Cheerio” – I never had any really cute nicknames for mine while in the womb, and that’s adorable.

      Your little girl looks so sweet in her “big sister” tee. Congratulations on baby #2! We wish you the very best in your pregnancy! I love how you are documenting it too – what a great idea to capture on your blog updates on your body, emotions, etc. I’m taking notes for baby #3.

  • We had to have sonograms very early in my pregnancy, so we actually had sonogram pictures of our little one at just 12 weeks. So, we framed it and took it with us to visit my family, where we said: ‘Eric and I had the coolest picture taken last week, take a look.’ We then passed around a framed sonogram pic. :)

    Watching their faces was priceless!

    • Love it! I can just imagine the looks on their faces. I just love all the excitement that surrounds a pregnancy announcement. I’m sure that was a really special time for your family.

  • I’m going to share the stories about how we shared the news about my pregnancies with my mother-in-law b/c her responses were always memorable. :)

    When we were expecting Jennifer (first-born), we put her 7-week sonogram pic in a frame. My husband’s parents lived 4 hours away from us at the time, so we made a special trip once we passed the first trimester. We arrived late at night, but we were still wired from the caffeine and anticipation of their reaction to a grandchild to be. So, we gave Jeff’s mother the gift. She opened it up, glanced at the frame, and nonchalantly said, “Thanks.” We were totally crushed! Our hearts were bursting with excitement, and she could care less. My husband handed her the frame again and asked her to look again. She said, “Ok, but a picture of an owl in a tree isn’t that exciting. If you insist, I’ll put my glasses on.” Well, she put her glasses on and stared; she still had no clue what was so special. My husband pointed to the ‘owl’ and said,”That owl is really your grandchild.” Her eyes welled up, and she was excited beyond words. We still make fun of her about the owl-in-the-tree to this day. :)

    When we were expecting with Michael (second-born), we had just learned that my mother-in-law was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. My mother-in-law was having a rough go with the radiation therapy. As soon as we found out that we were pregnant (5 weeks), we called her and told her the good news. She was so happy and excited and told us that it gave her something extra to live for. It also served as a great distraction from her condition.

    When we discovered that we were expecting with Sean (third-born), we were surprised. We told my mother-in-law when we were about 5 weeks along. Her response: What?! You’re pregnant AGAIN? :)

    • The owl-in-the-tree is priceless! Oh my goodness. The best has to be Michael, though – being able to give her that extra motivation and strength during such a difficult time. How is she doing now?

      • Thanks for asking, Jasmine. She’s actually doing FANTASTIC. After the rounds of radiation therapy, she beat her cancer. Happily, she’s been cancer-free for 2 years and is an extremely active grandparent in our children’s lives. Shortly after we announced Michael’s pregnancy, my in-laws sold their house in New Jersey and moved to our neck of the woods. They live about 10 minutes from our house and swear that their grandchildren are responsible for their happiness and renewed energy. :)

        • I’m sorry, Andrea, I didn’t see your response until just now. That is wonderful news. So glad to hear she is doing well and so close to you now!

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