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Fantastically Funny Friday (9/17/2010)

Happy Friday everyone!

To start your weekend off right, how about a little entertainment from a little one who certainly has a lot to say? Check out this baby’s babbles. Definitely one of those moments that makes you wish you knew what was going on in a baby’s head. There’s no doubt she knows what she’s trying to say! :)

And, as always, some comic relief from the mouths of our youngsters. If your child has said something that you’d like to share with purebebe’s readers (don’t be shy!), please email us at purebebeblog@gmail.com and we will post the best quotes of the week every Friday!

Alex, 2 1/2
[While on the potty, talking to his Grandmother, Amie]
ALEX: Uh-oh, Amie, poo-poo stuck. Needs new batteries.

Kali, 2 1/2
[First day back at school]
MOMMY: You should be really nice to the new kids today and help them out since they are coming for the first time. You know the ropes.
KALI: Ok, mommy.

…Later, after picking Kali up from school…

MOMMY: How did it go today? Where you helpful to your new friends?
KALI: Yes, Mommy, I didn’t HIT any of them!

Matthew, 2 1/2
MATTHEW: What is money?
MOMMY (showing Matthew a dollar bill): The first president, George Washington, is on the dollar bill.


MATTHEW – Mommy, where is your money?
MOMMY – Right here in my hand.
MATTHEW – No Mommy that is President not money. Where is your money?

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