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Weekly Highlights (2/6/2012)

We hope you had a wonderful weekend! Welcome to this week’s highlights, our weekly post that recaps important child health and safety news, research, and recalls from the previous week and other great finds we’ve come across in our internet travels. Enjoy! - Jasmine & Heather

In the News:

Pfizer Recalls 1 Million Birth Control Pills - In case you missed our notice on Facebook earlier this week, Pfizer recalled 1 million pills due to a packaging mishap. Check the article to see if your pill was affected.

Home Birth Advocate Dies in Child Birth - A home birth advocate passed away after going into cardiac arrest during childbirth bringing into question the safety of home births as their popularity rises. I found this article a really refreshing take on home vs hospital births.

Qantas Flight Grounded by Dirty DiaperYes, you read that right. A plane was forced to land and passengers removed by forklift 5 at a time due to a foul odor coming from a dirty diaper stuffed in the airplane toilet.

Senator Wants More Done to Warn of Mercury Hazard in New Light Bulbs - Nebraskan Senator Hulton is concerned that most people aren’t aware of the hazards of compact fluorescent light bulbs in the home. Read the article for info on how to properly handle and dispose of these mercury-containing light bulbs.

New Research:

Why Spanking Doesn’t Work
A new analysis of two decades of research on the long-term effects of physical punishment finds that it doesn’t work and can have serious long-term effects.  While it may work in the moment, it leads to increased aggression in children in the longer term and can harm the relationship between parent and child as well as affect a child’s sense of self-worth. Later in life, it’s associated with mental health problems as neurological analysis has found that it can affect brain chemistry.

Parents Cheat on Booster Seats, Despite Safety Risks
A new survey in this week’s Pediatrics found that more than half of parents carpool children other than their own, but they don’t always use booster seats for children who should be in one. Only about half of parents who carpool require their own child to ride in a booster, even when their friends are not. And 21 percent would allow their child to ride boosterless in someone else’s car.

Breastfeeding Tied to Stronger Lungs, Less Asthma
Two new studies out this week on the effect of breastfeeding on lung function: The first followed 1500 UK children from their birth in the mid-1990s and tested for lung function and allergies between the ages of 8 and 14. Two out of the three tests showed that babies who were breastfed by asthmatic moms for at least four months may get more benefit from breastfeeding than babies of asthma-free moms, countering previous studies which suggested asthmatic moms may put their babies at risk with breastfeeding. The second study followed 1000 children in New Zealand and concluded that each month of exclusive breastfeeding was tied to a 9% drop in asthma risk.

Good Reads:

Medical Mysteries: It Wasn’t the Vaccine – So Why Did Baby Have Seizures? from The Washington Post - A fascinating read on one family’s search for an explanation after her baby developed seizures following vaccination.

After Recess: Change the World from The New York TimesAn inspirational column on how change.org has changed the landscape for effecting change.

Word! from An Inch of GrayTouching words on coping with grief and what almost was before the tragic loss of her child in the floods of VA last year. Pray for those who have loved and lost that they will be comforted through such grief and pain.

Recalls, January 31 – February 6:

CPSC Child Product Recalls

Child Safety Seat Recalls

No child safety seat recall announcements this week.

USDA/FDA Recalls

A number of recalls below are driven by the recall of hard-cooked eggs produced by Michael Foods which have been sold to retail/institutional establishments and may be contaminated with listeria. Be cautious purchasing products containing hard-cooked eggs.

If there’s anything you see and think we should feature, please send it to jasmine@purebebe.com.

Weekly Highlights (10/18/2011)

Welcome to “Weekly Highlights”, our weekly post that recaps important child health and safety news, research, and recalls from the previous week and other great reads we’ve come across in our internet travels.

In the News:

Outrage in China After Toddler Run Over & Ignored - I can’t even watch the video included with the news story after the description I received from my husband. A small child was run over not once, but twice, by two separate vehicles in hit-and-runs and meanwhile passersby walked around her body. Fortunately for the child, a homeless woman comes to her aid, yet the child now lies in critical condition in the hospital. It’s absolutely horrifying, infuriating, and unfathomable.

Record Number of Booster Seats Earn Highest Rating from IIHS - A record 31 seats have been designated Best Bets this year, meaning that they position a seat belt on a typical 4 to 8 year old in just about any car. Notable this year – All five seats made by one manufacturer, Canadian-based Harmony Juvenile Products, made the Best Bet list as did an inflatable seat, the BubbleBum, marketed for vacations, car pools, and taxis.

Target commits to 100% sustainable, traceable fish by 2015 - Target is partnering with a nonprofit marine conservation group to identify and sell only sustainable, traceable fish by 2015. This will be no easy feat. I’m really excited to see them taking this step and hope it encourages other grocers to do the same.

Flame Retardant Added to California’s List of Cancer Causing Chemicals – The flame retardant, Chlorinated Tris (TDCPP), recently found to be present in many baby products, was added last week to California’s Proposition 65 list of cancer-causing chemicals. The listing will not ban the chemical but could result in labeling of products containing the chemical.

FDA Petitioned by American Chemistry Council to Ban BPA in Baby Bottles and Sippy Cups - The American Chemistry Council has petitioned the FDA to ban BPA in bottles and sippy cups, noting that in many cases manufacturers have phased out BPA due to consumer demand and that a nationwide ban would ensure consistency and allow states to focus their legislative energies elsewhere. The FDA has not confirmed it will issue a regulation yet but it will issue a notice for comment. The EWG, on the other hand, is asking the FDA to extend the ban to baby formula and other canned goods. Not holding my breath on that one just yet.

New Research:

Have Penn State Researchers Found the Cure for Breast Cancer?!
Incredibly promising news came from Penn State this week as scientists there discovered a virus that kills breast cancer cells. The researchers applied the virus to three different breast cancer cell groups, representing three different stages of development, and the virus managed to kill 100% of the cells. In a particularly aggressive type of cancer cell, it took three weeks to kill 100% of the cells, but in the others it took only 7. The virus has also been successful against other types of cancer cells, including prostate and skin cancer. It currently works in a culture dish and in mice, but further animal trials and then human trials are needed before it can be considered for human treatment. Penn State is now stepping up its efforts to find the money to fund further research. 

Environmental Chemicals May be an Obstacle for Infertile Couples
New research has turned up evidence of a link between endocrine-disrupting chemicals in the environment and poor IVF outcomes. These chemicals disrupt a woman’s estrogen, making it more difficult to get pregnant. Higher blood levels of pollutants such as bisphenol A (BPA), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and hexachlorobenzene (HCB) have been found in mothers with failed IVF attempts, according to a handful of recent studies. In the studies, high levels of PCBs and HCB were associated with failed implantation, and high levels of BPA were associated with low levels of a particular form of estrogen instrumental in the development of eggs. More research is needed to determine if the results could be generalized beyond couples undergoing IVF.

Good Reads (or vids):

Notes from a Dragon Mom from The NY Times Sunday Review - Absolutely heartbreaking, yet inspirational.

Bully-Proofing Your Kids from CNN Living - Things we can start now with our young children to help them navigate the later years.

20 Tips for Using Baking Soda Around Your House from The Huffington Post - I’ve used baking soda for stain and odor elimination with good results but was surprised by some of the others on the list.

Recalls, October 11 – October 18:

CPSC Child Product Recalls

Child Safety Seat Recalls
No child safety seat recall announcements this week.

USDA/FDA Recalls

If there’s anything you see and think we should feature, please send it our way to jasmine@purebebe.com. We hope your week is off to a great start! XOXO, Jasmine & Heather

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