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Fantastically Funny Friday (12/23/2011) – The Christmas Story

The Christmas Story couldn’t be retold any better than by these adorable children from St. Paul’s Church in Auckland, New Zealand. This video is full of innocence, sweetness, the cutest little Kiwi accents, and a few giggle-worthy moments as well. My personal favorite is when Mary first enters the picture with her pregnant womb. This is so clever and the perfect introduction to a Christmas weekend - a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.

Heather and I wish you and your families a happy Friday and a very Merry Christmas! May you all be blessed!

Jasmine & Heather

Weekly Highlights (12/5/2011)

Welcome to “Weekly Highlights”, our weekly post that recaps important child health and safety news, research, and recalls from the previous week and other great reads we’ve come across in our internet travels.

In the News:

Do Babies with Flat Heads Need Helmets? New guidance from the AAP says perhaps not.

Consumer Reports Study Backs Dr. Oz’s Claim About Arsenic in Apple Juice - Consumer Reports study validates Oz claim; finds arsenic and lead in apple juice at levels exceeding drinking water standards. And while the FDA had blasted Oz for his claims, turns out they were holding on to similar findings from their own testing.

Apple Juice Can Pose a Health Risk – From Calories – Better than worry about what juice is safe, skip the juice and try whole fruits instead.

Top 100 Baby Names of 2011 – BabyCenter.com released its annual list this week, with Aiden and Sophia topping the list.

News Anchor Draws Chicago Ire after Santa Denial – In an opinion segment on evening news (see video in the link), a Chicago anchor says as soon as kids can talk, parents should say “There’s no Santa!” Criticism and an apology have ensued.

Horse: Coming Soon to a Meat Case Near You? The recent spending bill lifted a ban on slaughtering of horses for meat. I may be with PETA on this one. It may be more humane than what is otherwise happening to these animals, but you won’t see me eating it anytime soon.

New Research:

40% of Kids Who Attempt Suicide First Try in Elementary or Middle School
A chilling discovery was made in the process of a study evaluating whether recall of previous suicide attempts was a reliable way of gathering data. Of 883 young adults aged 18 and 19, 78 had tried to commit suicide. 39 of the teens reported multiple attempts, with attempts beginning as early as age 9, the average age of a third grader! Researchers suggest that we should consider suicide prevention programs at younger ages and opening lines of communications providing children with options for letting adults know that they are not doing well.

Cigarettes May Be Useful for Distance Runners?
I’m sure you read the headline and said, what? Well, in actuality, this is a great read about a review study that was put together to show how conclusions can be drawn by selectively using data to support the theory. See the article’s alternative title: “How to prove anything with a review article.” It’s a good read about the dangers of over-interpreting correlations, reminding us to approach research with a skeptical eye.

Good Reads:

7 Foods You Should Never Eat - 7 Foods that notable food experts refuse to eat and their suggested alternatives.

Hilary St. Pierre: A Christmas Miracle - One child’s wish for his cancer-stricken mother. God and Santa grant miracles.

12 Unique Etsy Gifts for Babies - Some adorable and natural gifts on the list.

Recalls, December 1 – December 5:

CPSC Child Product Recalls

Child Safety Seat Recalls

No child safety seat recall announcements this week.

USDA/FDA Recalls

If there’s anything you see and think we should feature, please send it our way to jasmine@purebebe.com. We hope your week is off to a great start!

Jasmine & Heather

Weekly Highlights (11/30/2011)

Welcome to “Weekly Highlights”, our weekly post that recaps important child health and safety news, research, and recalls from the previous week and other great reads we’ve come across in our internet travels.

In the News:

Serious Head Injuries to Infants Continue Due to Falls from Bumbo Baby Seats Used on Elevated Surfaces - Infants aged 3-10 months old have fallen out of the Bumbo seat and suffered skull fractures and other injuries. At least 45 incidents from elevated surfaces have occurred since the recall of the seat in October 2007, when warnings were added to the seat. At least 50 other incidents have been reported in which children fell out of the chair on the floor or an unknown elevation onto hard flooring. Please use these chairs with caution.

The 8 Germiest Places in the Mall – Ewwww. Just ewwww. I must say a couple of these surprised me. While highlighting germy hot spots, the article does also provide some practical tips.

Consumer Interest Group Releases Annual Hazardous Toys Report - The U.S. Public Interest Group has released its 26th annual “Trouble in Toyland” report, in which it highlights toys on store shelves that contain potentially toxic chemicals or contain choking, strangulation, or noise hazards. The group has created an interactive site, www.toysafety.mobi, where you can find information about the toys you are shopping for. The site can be accessed by smartphones, so you can have this information at your fingertips!

New Research:

C-section Delivery Linked to Higher Risk of Childhood Asthma
In the largest study yet on the topic, Norwegian researchers examined asthma risk in more than 37,000 children. The researchers found that, even after accounting for other risk factors and protective factors such as duration of breastfeeding, children born via C-section were more likely to have asthma during their first three years. While the results are consistent with earlier studies, the reasoning is still not clear. Researchers believe that children born via C-section may miss exposure to important immune challenges compared to children born via the birth canal.

Canned Soup Raises BPA Levels Significantly
While we all know that soup cans are lined with BPA, a new study published this week was the first to measure the amount of BPA ingested from canned food. The participants in the study consumed a single serving of canned soup daily for a week, and their blood levels at the end of the week showed a 1221% increase in BPA levels, from approx 2 micrograms per liter to over 20. While the increase is likely temporary and will go down after a few days, we don’t know the health effects of transient increases in BPA such as this.

Delay in Clamping the Umbilical Cord has Benefits Months Later
A study published this month found that waiting three minutes or more to clamp a newborn’s umbilical cord can reduce the prevalence of iron deficiency later on. Swedish researchers studied 334 infants, statistically identical, assigning half to be clamped at 10 seconds and the other half after 3 minutes. There was no significant difference at 2 days after birth, but at 4 months iron concentrations of infants in the delayed clamping group were 45 percent higher. The study is one of the largest randomized trials on delayed cord clamping and the first to assess iron status beyond the newborn stage.

Good Reads:

Letting the Green Guilt Go from Canada.com - It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with so much information at our fingertips and still so many more questions about what truly is safe. I agree with the author that it helps to be flexible. Do what you can, little by little. Be happy with the healthy choices you’ve made so far, and continue to drive change with your pocketbooks. Little by little, you are doing the best that you can.

Recalls, November 22 – November 30:

CPSC Child Product Recalls

No child product recall announcements this week.

Child Safety Seat Recalls

No child safety seat recall announcements this week.

USDA/FDA Recalls

If there’s anything you see and think we should feature, please send it our way to jasmine@purebebe.com. We hope your week is off to a great start!

Jasmine & Heather

Weekly Highlights (11/21/2011)

Welcome to “Weekly Highlights”, our weekly post that recaps important child health and safety news, research, and recalls from the previous week and other great reads we’ve come across in our internet travels.

In the News:

Crotchless Thong Underwear for the Mature 7-Year-Old - All I can say is that this is one twisted publicity stunt. The shop owner’s justification that these were intended for the older teenage customers is almost as disturbing.

Congress Invents New Vegetable: The PizzaActually, they just caved to food industry lobbyists and ensured that the two tablespoons of tomato paste on pizza continues to qualify as a vegetable. Disappointing, truly disappointing.

Toys Safer This Holiday Season Due to Stronger Safety Rules - Positive news from the CPSC. Recalls and lead violations are down. Still, there were over 180,000 treated in ERs last year due to toy-related injuries, so the CPSC also offers tips for choosing safer toys.

Johnson & Johnson, Amid Activists’ Push, Steadily Removing Toxic Chemicals From Baby Products - Amid pressure from activists and consumers (see last week’s highlights), J&J issued a statement Wednesday that they will remove all quarternium-15 from its baby products within about 2 years and will continue to work with suppliers to reduce traces of 1,4-dioxane.

New Research:

More Vegetables Evolving Chocolate-Filled Centers as Evolutionary Imperative
In an effort to ensure their survival, crops are evolving to compete with processed foods. Just for fun. :)

Good Reads:

The Occupy Protesters Could Learn a Few Things From My Kids from Housewife Info Junkie - This mom compares the Occupy movement to a grown up temper tantrum. Read on for her motherly advice for the protesters.

I am Thankful from Play at Home Mom - A fun Thanksgiving activity for children.

Storytelling 101 from StrollerTraffic - Tips on spinning a creative bedtime tale for your little audience.

Fascinating Video:

A thought-provoking video on what’s wrong with the U.S. education system, and an entertaining and fascinating argument to watch develop before your eyes:

Recalls, November 15 – November 21:

CPSC Child Product Recalls

Child Safety Seat Recalls

No child safety seat recall announcements this week.

USDA/FDA Recalls

If there’s anything you see and think we should feature, please send it our way to jasmine@purebebe.com. We hope your week is off to a great start!

Jasmine & Heather

‘Tis the Season for Giving: Teaching Your Toddler to Give

As my 2 year old is getting into the Christmas spirit, the season offers an opportunity for me to teach her an important lesson about charity. While she is thinking of what she would like to receive for Christmas, which at her age is quite simple – she asked Santa for a lollipop – I also want to get her thinking about what she can give to others. She is still a little young to truly understand that other children may not have much, but she’s not too young to start giving.

I was pleased this year to see that my daughter’s daycare was coordinating a Toys for Tots drive, which gave me the perfect opportunity to start talking to her about giving toys to other children who may not have toys for Christmas. While I don’t think she fully realized what she was doing for another child, she was very excited to participate and so a seed was planted.

I wish I’d had more time before we left on our holiday trip, because I would have liked to do more this year but our giving doesn’t have to stop at Christmas. When we return home, we’ll plan to draw from the list of ideas below. These ideas offer children a chance to be involved in charity in a way that is tangible enough to them to start instilling the idea of giving of themselves:

Donate to an organization your child can relate to

  • Around the holidays, Toys for Tots runs a national campaign to gather new, unwrapped toys to give to children at Christmas. Generally, you can find other organizations locally that also collect toys, food, or clothing for children and families in need. Involve your child in the shopping and delivery of the items.
  • If your child loves animals, contact your local Humane Society and see how you can help. Perhaps you can donate a bag of food.

Give locally - Giving locally offers your child a chance to see the recipient of their donations and make giving a little more real for them.

  • Contact the pediatrics department at your local hospital or check with local public schools/pre-schools or shelters to see if they could use your gently-used books and/or toys.
  • Bake bread or cookies to take to a local shelter or a nursing home.
  • Build a food basket to deliver to a family in need, whether it is a neighbor with a sick family member who could use one less thing to worry about or perhaps someone struggling financially to make ends meet. You can deliver the meal in person or anonymously. I have memories of my family delivering meals on occasion, with an envelope of cash, to families we knew were in need – leaving it on their doorstep anonymously.

Participate in fundraisers

  • Participate in a family run/walk event that benefits charity. Take the time in advance to talk to your child about why you are participating and who will benefit because of your participation.

Clean up around the house

  • Clean out your child’s closet together and identify gently worn clothes that no longer fit. Go through your child’s toys together and identify toys that they would be willing to donate. Donate them to your local thrift store or other organization taking collections.

What ways have you involved your children in charitable giving? We’d love to hear your ideas!


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Send Your Child A Free Video Message From Santa

Send Your Child A Free Video Message From Santa

This is the first year that my firstborn “gets” Christmas. She is almost 3 years old. It’s truly amazing how much more meaningful and delightful the holiday season is with little ones, especially when they’re of age to enjoy the festivities. Tasks as simple as baking cookies take on an entirely new, magical meaning (to leave cookies for a very hungry and tired Santa). She recognizes Santa everywhere and lights up every time his name is mentioned.

So when several different friends sent me links to an online message service from Santa, I confess, I initially brushed off those 3 or 4 emails. I was really busy working, writing, decorating, wrapping gifts and trying to get those never-ending holiday cards in the mail. Well, after the 5th email about it, I finally decided to check out Santa. Within 10 minutes, I was able to input all of the information and photos. And when I watched the video to my daughter for the first time, I cried. I know, I’m a sap. But, while I watched, I tried to think about the world through her eyes, and what she would think when she watched the video and saw Santa for the first time. I was overwhelmed with emotions – excitement, wonder, curiosity, and altruism. It felt like magic.

When my daughter watched the video, she beamed from ear to ear and wouldn’t dare remove her eyes from the computer screen. She couldn’t believe that Santa knew her so well! He knew her name, age, what vacations she’d taken over the past year and what toy she had asked for from him (he even had a photo of the toy!). So she asked to watch the video again, and again, and again. After about the 10th time, I cut off the video watching for the night. And we have probably seen the video 25 times since.

If you have little ones and believe in Santa, check out this video below – it gives you a glimpse of what’s to come if you personalize your own:

When you’re ready to personalize your video from Santa, here is the link: Create Your Message From Santa. You can create a message for a toddler, child and/or an adult. You will probably need 3-4 photos: 1) the person; 2) 2 photos with meaningful places you went/visited throughout the year, or that have specific importance to your family; 3) a photo of the item that your child has asked for from Santa. The video is 1-1.5 minutes long.

A few of my friends even created messages for every one of their “Santa age” children.

So go get cranking and come back to let us know what you think of Santa’s message(s)!


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Fantastically Funny Friday (12/10/2010) – I Know Santa!

Happy Friday, everyone!!

We have searched far and wide for funny videos to share with you, and this week it’s about Christmas. These little sleuths seem to think they’ve figured out the truth about Santa in this hilarious commercial. Oh my!

Now for a little comic relief from one of our youngsters…

Juliana, 2
Juliana [Getting tucked into bed]: Mommy, where’s Daddy?
Mommy: Daddy’s coming home late tonight, but when you wake up in the morning he will be here.
Juliana: Okay, I will sleep fast.

Don’t you just love how their little minds think? If your child has said something that you’d like to share with PureBebe’s readers (don’t be shy!), please email us at purebebeblog@gmail.com!

Don’t be a stranger. We LOVE comments! And if you enjoy reading PureBebe, click on “Subscribe to PureBebe!” under “Email Subscription” on the right rail of the screen for more of our healthy baby news and topics (and we promise to make you laugh every now and then, too)!

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