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Weekly Highlights (1/9/2011)

We hope you had a wonderful weekend! To catch up for missing last week, you’ll see a little more in this weeks highlights, our weekly post that recaps important child health and safety news, research, and recalls from the previous week and other great finds we’ve come across in our internet travels.

In the News:

Agencies: No Need for Baby Formula Recall - Test results are in on the Enfamil formula recall, and all tests of factory-sealed containers found no bacteria. However, the bacteria was found in an open bottle of water and prepared formula of the child who died in Missouri and authorities are unsure how it got there, which stresses the importance of safely preparing infant formula.

Get the Lead Out: Panel Wants Kids’ Limits HalvedAn advisory panel to the CDC is recommending that the current threshold for child lead poisoning be cut in half based on new research that children could be harmed from levels far lower than the current standard. They also recommend a prevention policy that includes removing children from buildings with lead-based paint hazards. The CDC has yet to approve the change in threshold, and a decision to ramp up prevention will take significantly more time and resources.

Widowed Teen Mom Kills Intruder to Protect Baby - An 18 year old teen mom shoots and kills an intruder in her home just one week after losing her husband to cancer on Christmas Day. What a tragic week for such a young girl. Video coverage of her ordeal and amazingly calm and collected 911 call below.

Oops…Company Publishes X-Rated Children’s Clothing Ad - French clothing company, La Redoute, apologizes for somehow missing the naked man wandering around in the background of their latest photo shoot after it appeared online.

‘National Opt Out Day’ Rejects Standardized Tests - On the 10th Anniversary of the No Child Left Behind Act, United Opt Out National is encouraging parents to opt out of standardized testing this spring citing limited benefits from the high-stakes testing brought on by the Act. Personally, I worry that teaching to a test is stifling our children’s creativity.

First Grader Dies After Allergic Reaction at School - Ammaria Johnson, 7, died at her elementary school after suffering from an allergic reaction to peanuts. The girl’s death has sparked conversation about schools’ ability to handle allergic reactions and proposed legislation that would allow schools to have non-prescription epi-pens available.

Passersby Rescue Kids in Icy River Crash - An amazing tale of heroism. Talk about right place, right time. Thank goodness for those men.

New Research:

Poor Kids Miss Out on Playtime
A new report from the American Academy of Pediatricians indicates that poor children are lacking unstructured, free playtime because of a lack of safe places to play, parents who are busy trying to make ends meet, and schools cutting out recess and phys ed in order to focus more on academics. The article suggests that schools should be encouraged to keep recess and cities should aim to provide safe places to play - much easier said than done for sure.

The Hormone Surge of Middle Childhood
Middle childhood, the age between about 5 or 6 and the teenage years, is a busy time for a child’s brain.  It is the time when a child’s brain has reached its adult size and now focuses on forging connections. It’s a time of great creativity and a time where children begin to gain the ability to control impulses, to reason, to focus, and to understand and accept mortality and plan for the future. And it’s apparently an age that has been very much overlooked until lately.

Fantastic Finds:

Don’t Carpe Diem from Momastery.com - Parenthood is hard. We don’t always want to seize every moment. But there is Kairos - God’s time - those metaphysical moments when time stands still and you look at your child with wonderment, awe, and unconditional love. Cherish Kairos. I love this post!

10 Illegal Baby Names from Yahoo LifeStyle UK - Absurd baby names and international baby naming laws. Who knew?

Recalls, December 27 – January 9:

CPSC Child Product Recalls

Child Safety Seat Recalls

No child safety seat recall announcements this week.

USDA/FDA Recalls

If there’s anything you see and think we should feature, please send it our way to jasmine@purebebe.com. We hope your week is off to a great start!


Jasmine & Heather

Is Our Food Making Us Sick? The “Unhealthy Truth” About the U.S. Food Industry

Fruits and Vegetables - Courtesy of Carol Moshier, Flickr

I have never thought too much about the safety of the food that our family consumes, except that I like to buy organic whenever possible to avoid pesticides. And I have to say that I’ve enjoyed being “in the dark.” It’s much easier to say “I don’t want to know” the dangers and to continue believing that we have enough regulatory agencies in the U.S. to protect us from any dangers in our food supply.

I vow to stay in the dark no longer. I have two babies whose lives are in my hands to nurture and make sure that I’m giving them the healthiest and safest start in life. And let’s face it, I’d like for my husband and me to be around when they graduate from college some day.

In the video below, author and researcher Robyn O’Brien reveals that “in 1994, in order to drive profitability for the food industry, we began to engineer foreign proteins into our (U.S.) food supply.” Yet, she notes that no studies have been done to study these foreign substances in our food supply and their long-term effects on people!

Robyn further explains that “according to the CDC, there’s been a 265% increase in the rate of (U.S.) ER hospitalizations related to food allergic reactions.” On top of that, the rates of cancer, diabetes, autism and other serious medical conditions have been steadily increasing in the past few years – in the United States.

The video is long (1 hour), but please watch at least the first 25 minutes. I promise you, it’s worth it.

Alex Bogusky (whom Bloomberg BusinessWeek has recently dubbed ‘the Bill Gates of the Advertising world’) interviews Robyn O’Brien, author of The Unhealthy Truth. You can buy her book here.

I would love to hear what you think of the video and your thoughts regarding the genetic mutation of our food – please leave us a comment above!


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