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Fantastically Funny Friday (6/3/2011) – Father’s Day

With Father’s Day right around the corner, we thought these videos were suiting.

Make sure to turn up the volume for this first video:

Been there before? I know I have. :)

And you can’t miss these four dads in suits:

In case you might have missed our article this week on gift ideas for dad, you can read it here.

Happy Friday!

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Fantastically Funny Friday (4/8/2011) – 18 Month Old Darlings

Happy Friday!

Our videos today highlight three 18 month old darlings (at least that’s the age we estimate for these three sweet babies).  ;)  Check out the cutie in our first video.   Is she adorable or what?!

We meant to post our next video last week, but forgot to include it. So in case you haven’t yet seen these two 18 month old twin boys having a very engaging conversation, you must check it out.  My 19 month old thought this was hilarious. Maybe she knew what they were saying?  ;)

-What are your fun plans for the weekend?

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Fantastically Funny Friday (9/24/2010)

Happy Friday everyone!

We thought we’d kick off the weekend with one of our favorite pasttimes – dancing. Check out this little girl’s contagious grooves. You never know, you might just have to join in…

Make sure to turn up the sound on your computer!

And, as always, some comic relief from the mouths of our youngsters. If your child has said something that you’d like to share with PureBebe’s readers (don’t be shy!), please email us at purebebeblog@gmail.com and we will post the best quotes of the week every Friday!

Hannah, 2 1/2; Matthew, 10 mos
HANNAH [Taking bath with brother Matthew, pointing at Matthew's privates]: What’s that, mama?
MOMMY & DADDY: [speechless]
HANNAH: It’s a hotdog!

Olivia, 5
OLIVIA [Admiring her new stuffed animal]: My new stuffed animal’s name is “TURDY”
DADDY: Um, why is his name “TURDY”?
OLIVIA: Because he’s a turtle, silly, and “TURDY” is short for TURTLE!

[PUREBEBE: Um, DUH, Daddy!]

Jackson, 2 1/2
[In the car, looking at a car's bumper sticker with a large paw print indicating a school Mascot]
JACKSON: Look Mommy, a clue, a clue!!!

[PUREBEBE: You have one loyal Blue's Clue fan on your hands!]

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