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Weekly Highlights (8/22/2011)

Welcome to “Weekly Highlights”, our weekly post that recaps important child health and safety news, research, and recalls from the previous week but also give us an avenue to share some of the other great reads we’ve come across in our internet travels.

Beginning this week, we’re moving Weekly Highlights to Mondays to recap the week before. But of course, because we missed last weekend you’ll get two weeks in one today. Happy reading!

In the News:

Adult-Inspired Lingerie Marketed for Young Girls - A French lingerie company aims to create a new market for loungerie (lingerie inspired loungewear) for girls ages 4-12. Much controversy ensues. What’s your take?

FDA Says Walnuts Are Illegal Drugs - I can think of better ways that the FDA can spend their time.

Schools Restore Fresh Cooking to the Cafeteria – A back-to-scratch movement is taking shape in schools in response to concerns over obesity and nutrition in our children. Let’s hope this movement gains momentum.

Asian Honey, Banned in Europe, Is Flooding U.S. Grocery Shelves - Investigative reporting highlighting concerns over imported honey.

Tax-Free School Shopping Underway - Sales-tax holidays are taking effect in various states over the next few weekends.

Babysitter Charged After Putting a Baby In a Stroller in the Back of a Moving Pickup Truck -”It’s not like they give you a handbook…” What??

New Research:

Window Falls Remain a Childhood Hazard
Based on data collected from 6,100 hospital emergency rooms over a 19 year period ending in 2008, an average of nearly 5,200 children a year — about 14 a day — are admitted to hospital emergency rooms after falling from windows.  83% of these falls were from windows with screens. Take note: A window with a screen is not enough.

Diabetes, Pesticide Link Intensifies in New Study
“Another study has drawn a link between high levels of pesticides in blood tests and increased risk of type 2 diabetes, particularly in individuals that are already overweight.”

Preschoolers Lunches Carried Into the Danger Zone
An examination of 1,361 food items in packed lunches of 235 preschool children (ages 3 to 5) found only 22 items at food-safe temperatures…even though 49 percent contained ice packs and another 12 percent were stored in a refrigerator. Read the article for tips on packing safe meals.

Toxicity of Insecticides = The Sum of its Parts
A study of pyrethyroid insecticides commonly used on food crops found that their combined effect on rodent brain cells was equal to the sum of the effects of each individual insecticide. The study verifies prior animal studies and confirms that mixtures of these insecticides produce an additive effect when combined.

Good Reads:

Q. What’s With the Turkey Recall? A. Same Old, Same Old. from Food Politics - How the USDA has dragged its feet in the latest turkey recall.

Family Happiness and the Overbooked Child from The NY Times - Let’s relax, and enjoy life along with our children at a slower pace.

GoodGuide Toolbar: Help for Busy Parents Seeking Safer and Greener Products from Non-Toxic Kids - An internet toolbar that helps you identify products that are safe, healthy, green, and socially responsible? Sounds like something I’d like to look into.

Recalls, August 7 – August 22:

CPSC Child Product Recalls

Child Safety Seat Recalls
No child safety seat recall announcements this week.

USDA/FDA Recalls

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