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Fantastically Funny Friday (6/22/2012) – Milk in My Sippy Cup

Happy Friday!! I know it’s been a long time since we’ve posted, and I promise you we’ll be back. We’re making the most of the summer with our little ones and hope that you are too.

We just had to drop in today, though, and share with you this adorable music video. Little stud Max’s playtime with his favorite music toys just got remixed into a catchy little single I guarantee will be playing through your head the rest of the day.

“Milk in my sippy cup / Rollin’ in my firetruck / If my cup runs out of milk, my mommy gonna fill it up.”

Love it!

Have a fantastic weekend!

- Jasmine & Heather

Fantastically Funny Friday (4/6/2012) – Toddler Falls Asleep on Skis

This poor little guy is just too cute for words. After a day on the slopes, an exhausted little Bode falls asleep - standing up in his skis! Awww….someone get the little man a pillow.

And if you’re curious to see this pint-size skier in action, check him out below.

We hope you have a happy Friday, and a fantastic Easter weekend!

- Jasmine & Heather

Weekly Highlights (4/3/2012) – FDA Says No to BPA Ban and GMO Labeling

Welcome to this week’s highlights, our weekly post that recaps important health and safety news, research, and recalls from the previous week and other great finds we’ve come across in our internet travels.  If you see anything you think we should feature, please send it to jasmine@purebebe.com. Thanks, and we hope your week is off to a great start!   - Jasmine

In the News:

Ban on BPA? FDA Says No - In a truly disappointing but not surprising decision, the FDA will not place a ban on BPA in food packaging, citing a lack of sufficient scientific evidence to support the ban.

Despite the FDA decision, the FDA has not changed its position that it holds “some concern” over the effects of BPA in children, and the government is currently funding $30 million to conduct additional studies.

FDA Responds to GMO Label Petition - In yet another truly disappointing and, again, not surprising decision, the FDA has decided it needs more time to consider labeling of genetically-modified foods.

While no one should be surprised by the decision, much controversy has arisen over the petition as the FDA has severely discounted the number of responses it received. While the Just Label It organizers say the petition garnered over a million signatures, more than any petition submitted to the FDA in history, the FDA says it has officially received a measly 394.

Some say the FDA has deleted signatures, however I suspect that is not the case. The FDA’s official rules require signatures to be submitted individually via their regulations.gov website in order to be counted. Because the website is difficult to navigate, Just Label It organizers collected and accumulated signatures on their website before submitting them to the FDA.

While each submission may have contained over thousands of signatures, each submission counts as just 1. Ultimately, it is just semantics. The FDA has to understand that there is overwhelming support for labeling GMOs. The question is just if and when they will act.

Alicia Silverstone Premasticates Her Child’s Food - Not long after celebrity Alicia Silverstone posted the video below to her blog, intense criticism ensued for her method of feeding her child.

While I admit I was a bit puzzled when I saw the video myself, I was more intrigued when I discovered that the idea of premastication is actually used in some cultures to promote infant health as it gives baby access to nutrients from foods they cannot chew and promotes immunity through antibodies received in the mother’s saliva.

While some experts express concern over the possibility of spreading disease such as HIV and tooth decay, it depends in large part on the health of the mother and child. And other experts have expressed more concern that the practice is dwindling in some poorer societies where it may be critical to the child’s health.

Hmm, you learn something new every day.

New Research:

CDC: New High in Autism Rates
The CDC’s latest analysis reports that about 1 in 88 children in the U.S. experience autism or a related disorder, nearly double the rate 10 years ago with cases in boys outnumbering girls 5 to 1.

The report analyzed data from 2008 in 14 states, and found rates much higher in some states like Utah; however, increased awareness and access to services are cited as likely factors in those states.

In fact, increased awareness and better diagnoses are cited as major factors in general for the rise, but recent research also points to environmental factors as a possible contributor.

Pinpointing the environmental culprit, however, seems next to impossible when we’re exposed to a veritable soup of chemicals daily. Two large studies funded by the National Institutes of Health are hoping to do just that, though, by examining everything from what mother eats during pregnancy to toxins in the home.

Ultimately, earlier diagnosis is needed. The earlier a child is diagnosed and gets help, the better their chances are for reaching their full potential.

Babies Take Longer to Come Out Than They Did in Grandma’s Day
A comparison of nearly 140,000 births found that first-time mothers today labor longer than they did fifty years ago, about 2 1/2 hours on average. The reason for longer labor is not entirely clear, but today’s mothers are older, delivering larger babies,  and more likely to use epidural anesthesia. Epidurals can prolong labor anywhere from 40 to 90 minutes.

The more striking implication is that OB’s today may be rushing to C-sections based on an out-of-date expectation as to how long a “normal” labor should take. OB’s today still rely on a definition of normal labor that was defined back in the 50′s.

Good Reads:

Weekend Detox For Your Home from Houzz - Some easy steps you can take to green your home and improve your health. Now that spring is in the air, I love the idea of completely unplugging on a Friday night after a long week at work and getting outside, and then waking up Saturday to open the windows and freshen the air.

Pinterest-Worthy Finds:

I came across this image this week as I am working to rearrange and redecorate my family’s home office/playroom. I love this arrangement that creates a fantastic workspace for the entire family. These stools are a little high for young ones, but the concept still applies. As our family grows, I want us to have a place where we can all be together as we do homework, pay bills, blog, etc.

I’m sure something like this could be a reasonable DIY project - cube bookshelves could be used to form the bases. I’d probably choose to use planks of wood for the surface and sand them down as opposed to plywood or other large particle board which often uses formaldehyde-based adhesives to bind.

If you’d like to follow us on Pinterest, find us here.

Recalls, March 27 – April 3:

CPSC Child Product Recalls

Child Safety Seat Recalls

No child safety seat recall announcements this week.

USDA/FDA Recalls


Fantastically Funny Friday (3/30/2012) – I’m Pregnant, and I Know It

LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I Know It” has proven to be prime material for parodies, and this parody is dedicated to all the pregnant mamas out there. Preggo mama Angela Proffitt struts her stuff and shakes her booty belly at 36 weeks, all the while making light of all the discomforts that come with pregnancy from leg cramps to bladder control issues.

The lyrics are pretty clever - apparently written by her musician husband yet inspired by Angela walking down the hall one day singing “waddle, waddle, waddle, waddle, waddle” in lieu of the tune’s original lyrics “wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle”. Husband Tommy got busy writing and promptly convinced his shy wife to go on camera. Their video has been up for just over a week and has now been viewed almost a million times on YouTube and continues to trend.

Have a good laugh! Happy Friday!

Fantastically Funny Friday (3/23/2012) – 2 Year Old Does the Jive

Get a load of this little stud! This little man has got moves, and boy does he know how to work the crowd. At the ripe old age of 2, little William Stokkebroe took a cue from his parents and the dancers of studie43 who’d taken the floor just before and rocks out to Elvis’ “Jailhouse Rock.”

Happy Friday!

- Jasmine & Heather

Fantastically Funny Friday (3/9/2012) – Breastfeeding Baby Gets a Case of the Giggles

Goodness knows I can’t get enough of giggling babies, and this one takes the cake. Apparently, this little babe had a stuffy nose and thought the sound of his nose whistling as he fed was the funniest thing. If you turn up your volume, you can hear his adorable little whistles. And I just couldn’t help but giggle right along with him.

Happy Friday!

And a few fun quotes from the mouths of our youngsters:

“K,” 4 years old
Watching her mother pump
K: Wow, Mom, did ALL of that milk come out of one boob?!

“A,” 2 years old
MOMMY: A, please tell me that you what you’re putting in your mouth didn’t just come out of your nose.
A: No, mom, it came from mine’s eye.

Fantastically Funny Friday (2/24/2012) – Puggles Teaches Baby to Chew

Bet you never thought it’d be your dog teaching your little one a few tricks. In this adorable video, it’s definitely a case of “Monkey See, Monkey Do” as baby takes a cue from his puggles.

Next up? Toilet training…oh wait, maybe that should be left to Mom & Dad. The best YouTube comment by far, though: ”Eat well little one, for tomorrow we chase cats.”

Happy Friday!

-Jasmine & Heather

Fantastically Funny Friday (1/13/2012) – 4YO Owns Toy Maker

Meet Stella, quite possibly the world’s youngest and cutest dinosaur expert. On a recent trip to the toy store with her father, the 4 year old points out that one toy maker forgot to do his homework. The triceratops in her hands, she says, is in fact a styracosaurus. Of course! (Yeah, I had to google it).

We hope you have a fantastic Friday!

- Jasmine & Heather

Fantastically Funny Friday (1/6/2012) – Cat Soothes Baby

The video below recently went viral, and once you see it, it’ll be easy to see why. Watch as Stewie the cat’s gentle strokes soothe baby Connar into peaceful slumber.

Happy Friday!

Jasmine & Heather

Fantastically Funny Friday (12/23/2011) – The Christmas Story

The Christmas Story couldn’t be retold any better than by these adorable children from St. Paul’s Church in Auckland, New Zealand. This video is full of innocence, sweetness, the cutest little Kiwi accents, and a few giggle-worthy moments as well. My personal favorite is when Mary first enters the picture with her pregnant womb. This is so clever and the perfect introduction to a Christmas weekend - a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.

Heather and I wish you and your families a happy Friday and a very Merry Christmas! May you all be blessed!

Jasmine & Heather

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